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We have a LOT of plans for Let’s Master English!
But we need your support.

If you can invest $1 or more every month,
together we can build the world’s best English learning community and help make the world a better place.

No joke!

Support Coach Shane

Join our book club, it’s free!

Every few weeks we choose a new audio book and we meet almost EVERY week to discuss what we read/listened!

It’s a wonderful way to learn, chat and make friends that share a passion for books AND English!

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Let’s hang out together!

We have a FaceBook page, a Google PLUS page;

we’re on Twitter and Instagram.

We’re on Meerkat and LinkdIn.

DDM and PIRF members have another PRIVATE community on Box!!

MAYBE…if you guys want it, we will even create our own special community on this page.

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Max is a senior Java developer. He's an absolute genius at everything. We're lucky to have him with us.


Miguel knows a lot about DDM. He'll coach you through all the difficult stages of joining, studying and enjoying DDM. You can talk to him about music, too.


He's Shane's webbear. He doesn't have an opposable thumb and types very slowly. He works for chocolate.


Your English coach! He's been getting people's English into shape for over 25 years.

Thank you for getting in touch!

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