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DDM is Coach Shane’s listening class. Coach Shane explains what DDM is here. DDM is an ongoing course. This means that he has made over 200 hundred lessons!! And he intends to keep on going!!
After you pay, PayPal lets us know. Then Coach Shane confirms your membership and includes you as a DDM member. You will start receiving lessons after you are confirmed! He’ll email you your invitation.

Additionally, if you’d like, you can send us an email to dailydictationmembers@gmail.com while attaching proof of the registration form from PayPal. (This is optional) You don't have to.
No. If you don't have a PayPal account and you don't want to open one, you can use a credit or debit card to pay via PayPal. That will do.
Absolutely! If you don’t know how, just email us and we’ll do it for you! ALSO, if you decide to join us again in the future—we’ll give you your “old” subscription rate if the new rate is more expensive ! Isn’t that excellent?!
DDM VIP, LIVE and LITE lessons are sent out on Mondays and on Thursdays.

The time at which you will get the files will vary depending on where you live. The files are usually sent out in the evenings Los Angeles time. The files are sent out via BOX.COM.

DDM OPEN classes are sent out at the beginning of each month (between the 1st and the 5th). PIRF LIVE and ORIGINAL classes are sent out on Thursdays. PIRF OPEN classes are sent out at the beginning of each month (between the 1st and the 5th).
  • DDM OPEN is totally self-study which means you don't get LIVE classes with Coach Shane. The lessons are sent in bundles of eight lessons monthly . You go all the way back to DDM9, since the first eight DDM lessons - DDM1-DDM8, you can get them for free.

  • DDM LITEis also self-study. 1 lesson each week — four lessons monthly. You get the newest lessons which means you can send in your homework and get your questions answered in Coach Shane’s videos .

    If you are interested in practicing with other people email us dailydictationmembers@gmail.com and tell us you'd like to practice. Those sessions would be on Tuesdays and on Fridays. Those sessions will not be hosted by Coach Shane. To learn more, send us an email letting us know you are interested.

    In DDM LITE you have to tell us which combination you would like to choose among the 3: 4 Mondays (Conversational English—tough pronunciation, lots of idioms), 4 Thursdays (More formal English—news, documentaries, etc.) or 2 Mondays & 2 Thursdays – Great for your 1st month.

    After you sign up for DDM LITE send us an email to dailydictationmembers@gmail.com letting us know which of those three you'd like to choose.

  • DDM LIVE is the most popular DDM program. You get two lessons weekly/eight lessons monthly. You get the newest lessons. Of course you have LIVE online classes with Coach Shane . Fantastic LIVE classes every other weekend! Currently (May 2015), LIVE classes are Fridays 18:00 L.A. time. Saturdays 10:00 L.A. time.
The LIVE online classes are carried out via GoToMeeting. This ONLY applies to DDM LIVE students.

Coach Shane will send you an invitation to your email at the scheduled time. GoToMeeting works on Macs, PCs, smart phones and tablets! Just click the link to join!

Be sure you get your time zone right. You can visit this site http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
PIRF stands for Pronunciation Intonation Rhythm and Flow. Those are the stages through which Coach Shane will walk you through, to help you develop your speaking skills. Your listening comprehension is directly proportional to your speaking skills. DDM is the listening class, PIRF is the speaking class. They are pretty different although complementary. In fact, they are a great combination .
Thank you for getting in touch!

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